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Our consulting firm specializes in corporate restructuring. We differentiate by focusing and committing to the revitalization and strengthening of businesses. Our approach is holistic, going far beyond expense reduction and debt renegotiation. We act on the sources and causes of imbalances and crises.

Our diagnostic and our approach encompass aspects such as: business strategy and positioning, culture assessment and development, people management and appropriate definition and sourcing of leadership, performance improvement opportunities, implementation of a proper governance structure, asset sale needs or opportunities, etc. Our view is broad and approaches the company as a whole within its market context.

_ restructuring is a powerful revitalization and business strengthening mechanism
Our involvement allows for deeper diagnostics and quick intervention. Our team is experienced and talented. We work with seriousness in an environment of collaboration and trust, producing better results for our clients and nurturing respect from everyone involved.
_ restructuring and turnaround
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When other solutions are not viable, we advise on judicial and out-of-court recovery processes. We bring experience and technical knowledge to help our clients understand the company’s situation and decide on the proper strategy to face its crisis state. We advise on the strategy’s implementation, coordinating every step of the process, including negotiations with creditors, developing a recovery plan, and intermediating between other parties involved (legal and tax advisors, auditors, judicial administrator etc.).
_ strategic assessment
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We offer a qualified and assertive assessment for companies looking to structure or re-evaluate its business: strategy reassessment, business plan structuring and valuation – through methodologies such as precedent transactions, discounted cash flow, publicly traded companies’ multiples, among others. We deliver the insights which are necessary and relevant for our clients’ decision-making process.
_ mergers and acquisitions
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We advise our clients in mergers and acquisitions processes (regular or distressed), through an experienced team with a multi-industry background in relevant transactions. We assess the company’s needs, identify potential investors and guide our clients through the full process, whether it is a sale or acquisition of assets, businesses or companies.
_ interim management
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We have senior executives on our team ready to quickly assume strategic positions. Our approach aims to solve the challenges that led to the crisis situation, to change or rebuild the management team and to shorten, as much as possible, the time for the company to resume the regular course of its business and sustainable growth.
_ human capital
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We advise our clients in every dimension of people management. We differentiate by developing a strategy which fits the company’s culture and situation, whether growth or crisis. The focus of our services is to build and prepare teams for the existing challenge, in various ways such as: recruiting and hiring, assessments, headcount revision, workplace environment, positions and compensation revision, implementation of control tools and action plans, conflict resolution, among others. In some cases, we assume a temporary interim HR management role.
_ performance improvement
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Our corporate restructuring experience provides us the understanding of challenges and the technical knowledge to identify performance improvement opportunities across all areas in a company. We work alongside our clients to develop and implement processes of strategic planning, governance and management improvements, efficiency enhancement programs, cost reduction, and revenues and profitability growth.
_ monitoring services (watchdog)
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We offer financial and operational monitoring services, allowing creditors to track the implementation of the terms and conditions of debt restructuring agreements (judicial or out-of-court). Based on our expertise in restructuring processes in multiple industries, we are capable to adjust the scope of each project to our clients’ needs with a broad coverage that exceeds the basic financial monitoring, and with a 360° perspective of the company’s evolution.
_ corporate governance
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In addition to being qualified in corporate finance matters, our professionals also possess the experience that allows them to look at businesses from a systemic perspective and at its opportunities. We advise boards and committees, offering our endorsement and reliability in key decisions.
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